I deal with casting of aluminum, brass and especially bronze.

The focus of the work is the casting of bells of different sizes.


I realize the project from the very beginning to the end, so I realize the idea of the customer. I can make a copy of an existing or damaged item. It may be some component, plaque, medal, simple statuette …


The customer has the idea that he would like to give his friend a special gift that was made only for him. It should be a paperweight with the name of his company. The procedure will be as follows: the external worker creates a 3D model according to the customer’s requirements. This model will be made on a 3D printer or CNC milling machine. A negative copy of the model is a form that can be sand or ceramic. I pour molten metal into the mold, a casting is formed, which is worked and the gift is ready.


Casting into sand mold and casting into a ceramic shell by the method of meltable model, the customer can create the model himself from the wax and I cast it from the desired alloy. The bells may be accompanied by an inscription, date, logo, coat of arms and the like. I make them on the occasion of jubilee, marriage, birth of offspring, graduation …

My workshop has the status of a protected workplace.

Workshop equipment:
electric resistance melting furnace
electric resistance annealing furnace
3D printer
CNC cutter (not for metal)

castings up to 10 kg (bronze).


Casting price set individually by the size of the casting process for forming and complexity.

Consultation – 20 € (for every half hour started)

Milling, 3D model printing – 10 € / machine hour + material

Bronze patination included


Ing. Zoltán Dioszegi
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IČO: 32 457 839
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Šemša 9
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